About Us

In October, 2016, I was presented with the unique opportunity to purchase Blind Spot Nutbutters from the original owner.  A few years ago, I was introduced to Blind Spot Nutbutters and became hooked - so hooked I signed on to become one of their "Nut Butter Addicts".   At that time, I was a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor so I used my contacts through social media and in person to promote BSNB as much as possible.  I also gave all of my Personal Training clients the mini jars in their Holiday Gift Bags.  Fast forward to today, and I am now the proud owner of Blind Spot Nutbutters.  One of my clients made the comment to me when I told her that I purchased BSNB - "You know you are addicted when you buy the company"!  Therefore, please know that I pledge to keep the same awesome product that you know and love, and eventually add a few new flavors that are "workout" based. 

Please keep helping me to spread the BSNB love. 
- Jeanean